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Exploring Mitochondria Science

Redefine the ancient secrets of longevity,
merging advanced technologies to propel us towards the next stage

Our story began with research on centenarians.
Japan has become known as one of the world’s leading countries in longevity since the 1980s,
particularly highlighting individuals aged 100 and above as “centenarians,” who have long been admired for their remarkable health and vitality.
Research conducted in the 2000s analyzing the bodies of centenarians revealed that the secret to their longevity lies within the mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses.
Through this research, it has been discovered that by activating mitochondria and maintaining their youthfulness within the body, cells
and tissues efficiently supply the energy required, enhancing metabolic activities.
Furthermore, this contributes to the prevention of various diseases and anti-aging effects.
Through studying this source of life, mitochondria,
we aim to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and beauty.

Brand Story

Empower you to shine with confidence
and live your best life

We have entered a new chapter called the era of 100-year lifespans, and we have entered an era in which individuals can enjoy long lives. We strive to create products for everyone through the pursuit of “health” that enriches today and “beauty” that brightens the future. We will be your partner as you walk through life, full of strength and intellectual curiosity


The STRONGEST mitochondrial active
substance born in Japan
“5-Deazaflavin (Tnd1128)”

Patent number: 6717989

5-Deazaflavin (TND1128) is a substance that closely resembles naturally occurring vitamin B2.
It is an ingredient that can directly act on mitochondria and longevity genes (sirtuin genes).
It has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful mitochondrial active substance among
similar substances currently identified.




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